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About Our Sawmill

THE MILL:   Our sawmill is a 2019 Wood-Mizer LT70 Super "wide" computer-controlled, hydraulic, diesel-powered bandsaw mill.  The blades are 1/10" thick (kerf) which is very thin and maximizes the lumber yield from your valuable logs.  Our mill is also equipped with a debarker that cuts a clean channel through the bark, mud, and rocks in advance of the saw blade passing through.  There is no need to clean your logs before cutting begins.

Longest log: 20 feet.

Widest cut: 34 inches.

Biggest log:  Without any chainsaw work in advance...32" diameter.  If your log is bigger than that, no problem, I will use my chainsaw to rip the log lengthwise first and put 1/2 the log on the mill at a time. In this scenario I can cut up to 46" diameter logs.

OUTPUT:  Our mill can easily produce 2,500 board feet of lumber in an 8-hour day when two men are

working.  Adding additional helping hands and the edger can increase the output above 3,000 board

feet in a day.  A large tree with a 3 foot butt  can produce 2,500 to 3,000 board feet.


Excavator with thumb

We own a Hitachi mini excavator for moving logs quickly and easily.  I charge an hourly rate of $120 on engine hours only.  An average full day of sawing usually includes 1.5 to 2 hours of excavator time.

Log ripping

We recently purchased a long bar chainsaw to make very big logs millable.  

Any logs greater than 32" diameter were previously impossible to saw on the mill.  

Now we can rip them lengthwise and each half can stand vertically on the mill.

 I can take up to 46" diameter logs this way.