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Tims Traveling Sawmill

Rate Sheet

All of the following prices are for cutting YOUR logs. 

2" boards (and thicker) are 34 cents per board foot  ($340/thous)

 1" boards: 39 cents/bdft   ($390/thous)

Slabs live edge (any thickness): $1.35 cents per linear foot up to 18 inches wide.    

                                                   $1.85 per foot 19-34 inches wide.

Fence boards 5/8x6”x6ft $1.60 ea

Stickering lumber off the mill: add 3 cents per board foot

Beveled siding: 6", 8", 10" wide straight edges   49 cents per linear foot    

Beveled siding: 6", 8", 10" live edge (on the thick edge) 99 cents per linear foot

It makes no difference what species of logs you want me to cut, the pricing is the same.

 Miscellaneous fees to be aware of

 1. Traveling fee:  45 cents/mile calculated round trip from Raymond, WA. + bridge tolls, ferry tickets.

 2. Stickers:  $35 to cut a small log into stickers.  I usually take a small log and cut 1/2" x1/2" x 8 foot stickers.

 3.  $50 when a blade hits metal in your log.

 4.  $50 to move mill to another location to continue cutting.

 5. $90/hr chainsaw.

 6.  $120/hr Excavator.

7. Hired helper $30/hr (mainly for unloading your lumber and stacking/stickering).  If you want to pull lumber yourself you can save this fee and get some good exercise!


If a 2x4 is cut to 1.5” x 3.5”, price will be calculated as 2” x 4”.  The same applies to all other dimensional lumber.

Length of boards is measured to the nearest inch.

The sawyer will cut whatever logs the customer places on the mill.  If a log is old and rotten, it is still charged the same rates as fresh logs since the time, labor effort, machinery wear and fuel consumption are all the same.